Frontline Logistics Iraq

Smart Moves & Unique Missions in Iraq
Frontline Logistics strengthened its team and operations in Iraq and it equipped Frontline Iraq with overall solutions that serve the requirements of our customers. We have branches in Safwan, Umm Qasr, Basrah Baghdad and Erbil in Iraq. The big brands in the region are our worthy clients. They are ever confident enough to entrust their projects with us.
Amazing@Iraq Operations
We are equipped with every appropriate solution required for Iraq Operations. This has enabled us to support our clients involved in the heavy investment projects in the country. In shipping and transportation to Iraq, land, sea or air has never been a barrier to us.

What We Do:

Contact Information:

Basrah /Safwan Branch
Basrah, Safwan, Al Tabadul Al Tejari Round
Mob: +964 7712 065608, 7825 235898, +964 7736 006730

Erbil Branch

Lebanese Village, Block E8, 4th Floor, Office No.6
Erbil, Iraq

Mob: +964 751059 3585

Baghdad Branch
Salehia Area, Behind MOFA, Baghdad
Mob: +964 773 525 9907/ +964 783 403 9367